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Will will discuss latest topics related to health, fitness, and weight loss. The increase in average weight, world wide is one of our greatest health problems and also in many cases one of the easiest to if the person wants it solved.

It does take people time to achieve sustained healthy weight loss. It does take dedication and willpower. there is no hiding this fact, and it does involve change. There are no “lose weight in 1 week products” that we have seen that actually get the weight off and keep it of.

My story was getting married a few years ago weighing in at 13st 8 lbs (190lbs or 86.3Kg). I was not unfit as I played sport but i was carrying far to much excessive fat. But looking at the pictures afterwards I had not realized that because of my excess weight my elegant suit did not look as cool as i thought. Now I stick at about 11st 10lbs (164 lbs or 74.5 Kg).

Some people have more to lose others have less. It does not matter, it is what you want that matters. But weight loss is achievable, if you think long term, and approach it step by step.

Do fitness videos work?

Yes the do. They can get the body working, subsequently you are burning more calories. However do not just buy any fitness video, because the wrong program can actually have a detrimental effect. I once bought an exercise video (these can be  great by the way). As a reasonably fit person I could not do the exercises so after 3 days the $15 30 minute video was binned. Far to hard for me let alone a beginner.

Only use fitness videos that give you a progressive training program.

Chunks Make It Easier

You cannot suddenly try to go from 4000 calories a day to 1800 as this is a huge alteration for our bodies. this is not a healthy method to reduce your weight. It does not work for the vast majority of people, because the body will reject this huge drop in intake.

This is what is meant by step by step. Easy chunks as this helps to achieve short term goals in pursuit of the long term aims. Most of all, this easy step method gets you to who you really want to be.

Stick with us. See if we can help YOU achieve your goals, as that is our aim.


Paul Morris